Repair and overhaul of telescopic covers

We repair and overhaul worn telescopic covers of all makes and models.

The repair will be carried out after our technicians’ careful evaluation to see whether or not it is possible and/or considered economically advantageous.


The overhaul and repair process consists of the following steps


Repair and/or replacement of damaged casing


Repair and/or replacement of worn components such as way wipers, sliding shoes, sliding rollers, and shock absorbers


Telescopic cover cleaning and satin-finishing


Final testing of the repaired/overhauled prototype

SCC, thanks to its expertise, is able to build a new "sampled" guard.

If replacing the old guard is considered, we are able to reproduce a new guard with the same specifications and details. Design and manufacturing are in our DNA.

Call or write us for further information or for our services

SCC personnel are available to carry out construction surveys, if necessary, at the customer's premises.

Delivery times for manufactured products are carefully evaluated, which are then each agreed with the customer to take specific needs (e.g. machine downtime) into account

Availability for spare parts management

On request, assistance in assembling the cover

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