SCC designs and manufactures telescopic protection, conveyor belts and metal structural works

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SINCE 1974

SCC s.r.l. for over 45 years it has a high specialization with requirements of excellence in the production of metal structural work, telescopic guards, heat-sealed bellows, conveyor belts and filtration systems.

Metal carpentry, telescopic guards, heat-welded bellows, conveyor belts, filtration systems.


Starting from the customer’s idea, we design and produce products with innovative solutions that meet their needs.

Innovative solutions, from design to finished product.


Our focus is on customer satisfaction by ensuring a reliable and accurate service in terms of quality, correctness and confidentiality.

We guarantee a reliable and accurate service in terms of quality, correct delivery times and confidentiality.

Quality, innovation and continuous improvement represent for us the main levers of growth and competitiveness, for the most benefit of customers, collaborators and partners.


SCC s.r.l. it is constantly evolving in line with the highest expectations of our customers in terms of quality and competitiveness.
Always looking for excellence, we have one goal: to build the best products in the world. For this reason we place the utmost professionalism and attention in every detail of our products, and of the production processes for which they were designed, to define  the mere and most reliable solution.
What makes us unique: a unique and typically Italian mix of creativity, passion and enthusiasm for what we do.


We want to be a global leader in the production of technologically advanced products and services, pursuing sustainable development solutions and continuous improvement actions to meet our customers’ expectations.

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Creativity and innovation enable advanced technical solutions at competitive costs

The range of SCC products has been designed and built within the company, experience, professionalism and continuous investments in technological solutions.


In our technical department, professionals with many years of experience are equipped with advanced 2D and 3D CAD CAM design systems. Daily committed to creating innovative solutions.


SCC has two fully automated laser cutting systems complete with sheet metal stock towers and automatic loading and unloading options. allow unattended 24 / h work: flexibility and competitiveness.


Our production process has automatic bending machines: 3D programming directly from the technical office, tooling options through hydraulic locks, automatic control of the bending angle allow high efficiency and extreme precision.


Welding, assembly and surface treatments, assembly of pre-assembled units, management of mechanical and electromechanical parts allow the management of complex orders, finalizing the entire production cycle.