Metal carpentry

industrial fairings

SCC s.r.l. carenatura rifinita
SCC s.r.l. carenatura rifinita
SCC s.r.l. carenatura rifinita
SCC s.r.l. carenatura rifinita

SCC is specialized for over 45 years in the processing of metal sheet used in the most varied industries, in particular, it has a high specialization, with requirements for excellence, in the medium-light carpentry and fairings for machine tools. SCC has a fully-equipped assembly department with high qualified personnel specialized in the mounting of pre-assembled metal units, and also able to manage the relevant mechanical and electromechanical parts.

Experience, professionalism and continuous investments in advanced technological solutions guarantee a comprehensive technical support and a quick response to customer


  • Advanced 2D and 3D CAD / CAM design systems
  • Modern machines for automatic CNC production: laser cutting systems, punching machines, press brakes, TIG / MIG welding stations, machining centers and painting plants.
  • Stainless steel polishing, micro shot peening and powder coating.
  • Management of surface treatments such as electrolytic zinc plating, hot galvanizing, anodizing, burnishing, electro-polishing.
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