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SCC s.r.l. Protezioni telescopiche
SCC s.r.l. Protezioni telescopiche
SCC s.r.l. Protezioni telescopiche
SCC s.r.l. Protezioni telescopiche

SCC designs and manufactures telescopic protections of high-quality and precision for machine tools. The telescopic covers are designed to protect the guide surfaces and the components of the moving axes of machine tools against dirt, shocks and lubricating and cooling liquids and also act as accident protection. These devices thus allow a perfect activity of the machine, avoiding malfunctions and heavy costs for unexpected maintenance.

Protezioni telescopiche

The technical office, highly qualified, flexible and dynamic, is daily committed to firmly cooperating with machine tool manufcturers, from the earliest stages of study, for the accurate design of telescopic covers of all kinds, shapes and sizes, suitable for more different machines and, therefore, fully compliant with the particular customer requirements. The flexible organization of the company allows to execute from a single piece/prototype to the engineering of a series production. The finished telescopic covers are then tested by our technicians with specific test machines and test benches. For the assembly and fixing of our telescopic covers we are able to offer a wide range of solutions that will be adapted to the customer’s needs.

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Our attention to ensuring the provision of a highly reliable and accurate service is also reflected in the more managerial aspects

Careful evaluation of the delivery times of manufactured products, which are mutually agreed upon with the customer in order to satisfy specific needs. Maximum availability for the management of spare parts Possibility of repair / revision of telescopic covers in our company.


SCC, thanks to its technological know-how, is committed to the conception of innovative solutions, the design of new products and to the optimize  the existing ones, aimed to achieve the construction of the protection cover, of any type and size, more suited to the specific customer needs. For this reason it is able to propose targeted technical solutions:

Material: Iron, wear-resistant metal sheet or stainless steel, of high-quality, selected according to the aggressiveness of the working environment and of the type, size and collision speed of the chip on the telescopic cover.

Free sliding or pantographs: selected configuration according to the weight and the travel speed of the protection cover

Sliding shoes or rollers: selected according to on the weight and the travel speed of the cover, and on the material and heat treatment of the sliding guides of the target machine tool.

Interchangeable scrapers: selected for those applications where it is required the maintenance of the telescopic cover without having to remove it from the machine tool.

Shock absorbers, if necessary, both in open and in close position: selected according to the weight and the travel speed of the protection cover.

Duct for increased water recovery: selected for telescopic covers used in working environments with large quantities of lubricant-cooling liquids.

Sliding on metal sheet or completely on brass components: configuration selected according to the shape, weight and travel speed of the protection cover.

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SCC offers telescopic cover models for the protection of horizontal, vertical, oblique and transverse working axes, with the corresponding guided-way solutions suited from time to time to all the most common types of machine tools.

The covers are available in different solutions

  • Standard shape solutions.
  • Solutions with special shapes compliant to customer design
  • Solutions for high speed drive systems with pantograph dragging system
  • Telescopic protections of large dimensions
  • Telescopic protections for lathe
  • Telescopic protections rolling shutter type
  • Telescopic protections multi-axis type


SCC carries out the overhaul / repair of telescopic covers subject to wear, of each model and brand, whenever it is feasible and / or deemed cost-effective, after a careful evaluation of our technical specialists.

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